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Phenolic Foam Machine


Product Name: Full-automatic Phenolic foam panel machine
Model: XL-FQ Series

The characteristics of the phenolic foam sandwich panel production line

Phenolic foam as a new type of multi-purpose bubble thermal insulation material belong to level B1 real difficult to burn material. It can reach not burning standard levelA through special processing .This material is one of the best foam plastic as its good resistance to flammability (1200 Degrees Celsius, the oxygen index of 50 or more),hair smoke is low, high temperature stable performance, adiabatic heat insulation, sound insulation, good durability, known as the third generation of new thermal insulation material.

1 Level A fire prevention function

Thermal insulation layer use special fire prevention board, the system to achieve phenolic national fireproof standard level A ,from external thermal insulation fundamentally eliminate the possibility of fire, using temperature range is 250~180 Degrees Celsius

2 Heat preservation and save effect is prominent

Special fire prevention board has good phenolic thermal insulating properties, thermal conductivity is about 0.035W/(m*k),much lower than the commonly used on the market at present the organic and inorganic external wall thermal insulation products, can achieve higher energy saving effect. 

3 Solvent resistance

Special fire prevention board , solvent resistance phenolic is currently the only can directly besmear brushes the paint solvent-based insulation materials.

4 Extensive use

Not only can be used in traditional exterior insulation system, also can adorn the surface with compound make heat preservation adornment integration board, can also be used in building the traditional EPS/XPS/PU of exterior wall thermal insulation system, fire belt as curtain wall of fire prevention in heat insulating materials, insulation materials, and fire was low or high temperature occasion of fire prevention heat insulating materials.

5. The followings are the main specifications of the phenolic foam sandwich panel production line:

Phonelic block thickness 20-100mm
Embossing aluminum foil thickness


Density 50-65KG/m³
Standard board size 1200¡Á4000mm
Production line productivity 1-4m/min
Laminated length 24m
Installation power 130KW
Dimensions 45920¡Á5365¡Á3636mm